Finals are a motherfucker.

Promise I'll be back to my old verbose self soon.

In the meantime, look at the pretty girl.


Of that stupid titanic rough draft, anyway.

Maybe you and I can be on speaking terms again.


My brother and I watching Fear Factor:

"I can't wait for when he shifts his weight wrong and ends up in the water."

"Well, he won't end up in the water. That's what the rope is there for."

"No water? There's no 'fear' in this 'Fear Factor!'"

"There's the fear of losing fifty thousand dollars. Well, actually, that's not 'fear.' That's really just 'suck.'"

Was I this funny at age twelve?
I was writing, writing, writing, and rocking, rocking, rocking, when, thanks to the wonder of MusicMatch Jukebox, I stumbled inadvertantly upon the theme song to this play I'm writing.

Fall Semester
The Getup Kids

If I tried, would you still call me son?
If I tried, would you call me at all?
If I say that I’ll go regardless of what you want me to do.
If I say that I’ll go regardless I’m better off without,
I’m better off without you.

If I change my mind it won’t be soon enough for you,
But I’m not you,
I’m not you,
I’m not you.

I’ll try to compromise for you to see
That there’s so many other things for me to find out.
Run myself to the ground.
Would you please forgive me if I found my way back home?

Everything I see,
Everything I do,
Everywhere I’ve been,
These mean nothing to you?

Alternate Theme Song: "If I Die," Something Corporate

Now if only I could stumble upon the stupid ending already.